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Rok Blenkuš was born and is currently living in Ljubljana, Slovenia. He has been creative throughout his life, but has concentrated on professional level painting and drawing for the last five years. 


His art follows several somewhat different streams. 


His most prominent are expressive acrylic portraits where he seeks the deeper underlying story behind a person, often transporting them to a fairytale land, exposing their innermost feelings. Alice in Wonderland has been his strongest inspiration so far. He mixes strong yellows and reds with more watery deep transparent blues and cerruleans, and uses strong brush strokes to bring out the expressions of the face and the soul.


Second art stream are the more mellow, intimate and dreamlike abstract acrylics and gold and metal paintings, where he explores the state of mind between wakefulness and falling into dreams. These paintings are so far done in shades of blue, black or gold, often with a focal point in contrasting colour or real gold. Yet even in the most nightmarish works, there is always hope, a way out.


Lately he has been pursuing watercolour ink, charcoal, and metalic pastel drawings of a naked human form, not to focus only on sexuality, but to expose the model, stripping him or her of status symbols and protective layers of clothing, and therefore portraying the real person standing in front of us. 


Blenkuš is not afraid to use bold, striking colours, or to experiment with new styles and painting techniques. His almost childlike fascination with people and the world is what fuels his endless drive to create and find beauty, and sets him apart from other artists. 


He also feels that an artistic process of creating a portrait or a nude is a deeply intimate relationship, not unlike the one between a person and a therapist. 


He has so far exhibited his works in Ljubljana, Prague and Dubai, and is preparing his first solo exhibition in Ljubljana. His works have been purchased by private art lovers and collectors, both in Slovenia and abroad. He is currently in talks with a gallery in Mykonos, Greece, one of the most important art hubs in the Mediterranen, to represent his works there.


Blenkuš plans to further explore different painting, drawing, and lately also sculpting techniques, never shying away from vivid colours, controversial subjects and styles that he has not done before.








Sir Frederic Leighton, Picasso, Frida Kahlo, Georgia O'Keefe, Rothko, Kandinsky, Miro, William Blake, Rosseti, Botticceli, Michelangelo

Rok Blenkuš

The artist at work

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